Archives and Special Collections is responsible for the collection of manuscripts of Umeå University of which the major part represents manuscripts from researchers, authors, ministers and other leading personalities with connections to Northern Sweden.

Archive and historical databases are accessible locally at Archives and Special Collections. Some of the databases are also available, and can be viewed over Internet. Parts of the Swedish Census from 1890 are accessible via our homepage. On our link page there are links to other databases within the field.

A selection of records from other archives is available on microfiche. These are mainly documents from parish-, tax- and court records. This includes approximately 240 000 microfiche.

Archives and Special Collections publishes two series, "Scriptum" and "Urkunden", which present current research that has relevance to our holdings.

Internet Exhibition
Here you will find unique photographs of Northern Scandinavia and Russia which were taken by archaeologist Gustaf Hallström on his many research trips in the early 20th century.