Umeå  University Library is engaged in extensive digitization activities. Dissertations, research papers, rare books, as well as archives and manuscripts are digitized and made ​​freely available. Activities are coordinated by Archives and Special Collections.

Main Digitization Areas:


The University Library digitizes and e-publishes older dissertations (1958-2003) and reports from Umeå University. 50-100 dissertations/reports are published every month.
The aim of the digitization is maximum availability. The documents should be searchable in national catalogues, e.g. DiVA, LIBRIS, SwePub, as well as in international search engines e.g. Google Scholar.
Digitization at Umeå University

RARA Books

Close to 800 books from our special collections have been digitized, works from the 1600s and onwards that thematically span a wide area, from travelogues and cookbooks to books on  theory of perspective and mathematics. New works are added continuously.
Digitization of RARA books

Ebooks on demand (EoD)

All books in the Library search tool printed before 1920 are now marked with a special symbol indicating that the book may be requested as a digital copy if scanning is possible without damaging the book. The book will be delivered in pdf format and you are free to use anytime anywhere. This service is part of the European service eBooks-on-demand (EOD), first used in Sweden by Umeå University Library.
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Archives and Manuscripts

Archives and Special Collections is responsible for the university's collections of manuscripts and personal archives. A wealth of original documents in the form of letters, manuscripts, photographs, clip collections, etc. is preserved here, mainly obtained from culture personalities in Norrland. Around one hundred archive volumes are available in digitized form in whole or in part.