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Brev från Helge – Sveriges Radio 1978
Reading Poems 1981
Siv´s notes about Poetry
Reading at Guild Hall 1985
Sarno Assignments 1985
Siv on Poets Corner Live WPBX 1987
Reding Poems 1989
Siv on Radio 1994
Siv´s Family, odat
Reading Family Album in L.A, 3 st odat.

Working Tape, 1988
Siv´s Songs, 1988
Notes for Songs, 1989
Sw K250 Sequenses, 1989
Pig Music, 1995
Siv plays and sings “Gris” music, odat
Siv sings Songs – Swedish and Other, odat.
Music for “Oxen”, 4 st odat.
Scetches for Musical “On The Edge of The Milky Way”,
“På Vintergatans yttersta gräns”, 4 st odat.
Songs for Musicals, odat.
Whale Music, 3 st odat.

Selected Reading – Unedited copy, 2 st 2006

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